The Mask: The Animated Series
Season 1
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United States

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August 12, 1995 - November 18, 1995

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The 1st season of The Mask: The Animated Series premiered in the United States on CBS on August 12, 1995, and concluded on November 18, 1995.


Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit


# Title Summary
1 and 2 The Mask Is Always Greener on the Other Side (Parts 1 & 2) After causing him nothing but trouble, Stanley Ipkiss gets rid of his mask by burying it in quick-drying cement, but must retrieve it to save Peggy and Milo after Pretorius tricks Stanley's friend and coworker, Charlie, into building a "house of tomorrow" and kidnaps them.
3 Baby's Wild Ride A baby-sitting job turns difficult when the infant acquires the Mask and joins a biker gang with their chief Lonnie The Shark (who is posing as children's show host Barnaby the Dinosaur).
4 The Terrible Twos When Kellaway tries to prove that Stanley is the Mask by handcuffing the two together, Stanley must go to elaborate lengths to get away from the detective when two mutants Putty Thing and Fish Guy (formerly two teenage slackers named Dak and Eddie who irradiated themselves so they can become superheroes) go on the rampage.
5 Sister Mask Pretorius creates a sister Mask that turns the real Mask into a living puppet in order to use him to steal meteorite fragments with unusual properties.
6 Shadow of a Skillit The youth-stealing Skillit has come to Edge City to steal the souls of Charlie, Peggy, and Milo, and only the Mask can stop him.
7 Bride of Pretorius Stanley dates a shy, quiet girl who works at her bank—and becomes a loud, man-hungry woman when she stumbles upon The Mask. Meanwhile, Pretorious looks for a female companion.
8 Double Reverse A reverse therapy treatment helps Stanley deprive the Mask of its power by acting like the Mask in his normal state, but when a criminal called Kablamus, capable of exploding and surviving, arrives in the city, Stanley must get the powerless Mask to work once again.
9 Shrink Rap Stanley rids himself of the mask by giving it to his therapist, Dr. Neuman, who puts it on and starts going on a rampage and joins up with Pretorius, who's planning to nuke the city so he can use the flash of the explosion to photograph an alien race's planet.
10 Mayor Mask Frustrated by Edge City's mismanagement, Stanley puts on the Mask hoping he will teach Mayor Tilton a lesson. Instead, The Mask announces his candidacy against Mayor Tilton as the new mayor of Edge City. Though Stanley naturally objects, he is then forced to make sure his alter ego wins the election when he discovers the real Mayor Tilton was captured and that Dr. Pretorius is masquerading as him so he can turn all of Edge City into subjects for toxic waste experiments.
11 Martian Mask FBI agents mistakenly believe The Mask is actually an alien bent on world domination and do everything to capture him, whilst Putty Thing and Fish Guy go on a road trip.
12 How Much Is That Dog in the Tin Can? Milo puts on The Mask to battle an insane dogcatcher named Willamina Bubask who is capturing dogs for a (somewhat) sinister purpose. Meanwhile, Walter starts stalking Stanley at Cheap Chucky's Chili Cook-Off.
13 All Hallow's Eve On Halloween night, Skillit escapes from reform school determined to get revenge on the Mask for making him do homework and reanimates the corpses of three of Stanley Ipkiss' predecessors, Atilla the Hun, Billie the Kid and an evil Merlin, who had been transformed into a monstrous corruption of his former self when a magic spell blew up in his face.
14 Santa Mask All the villains in Edge City (namely Kablamus, Walter, and the Terrible Twos) begin disguising themselves as Santa Claus and committing crimes. The Mask must save Christmas by proving Santa's innocence.
15 Split Personality The Mask breaks in half during Walter's attempt to gain it, resulting in both Stanley and the Mask existing at the same time. When an old high school bully of Stanley's named Chet Bozzack gets the other half, the two personalities must work together to piece the mask together.

Home Media ReleasesEdit

Six VHS volumes of the first season were gradually released from 1995 to 1996, all of which are now out of print.

Retro Releases DVDs, a DVD company known for releasing TV shows of 1980's and 90's animated TV shows, has announced it is planning to release "season 1" by 2013.

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