The Mask: The Animated Series
Season 2
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United States

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September 3, 1996 - October 14, 1996

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The 2nd Season of The Mask: The Animated Series premiered in the United States on CBS on September 3, 1996 and concluded on October 14, 1996.


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# Title Summary
1 A Comedy of Eras The Mask battles a mad female scientist named Dr. Amelia Chronos who sends Stanley to the era of the Salem Witch Trials where Stanley's only hope is to somehow relocate The Mask where he originally found it.
2 Goin' for the Green After being humiliated by the Mask during an unveiling of his latest statue, Mayor Tilton recruits Colonel Beauregard Klaxon, a Southern businessman to create The Edge City Games as a distraction from The Mask's antics. What Mayor Tilton doesn't know is that Colonel Klaxon is using this opportunity to store nuclear waste underneath the stadium where the Edge Games are played which results in the creation of a swamp monster.
3 Flight as a Feather Hours before a Swedish karaoke contest at the Coco Bongo, The Mask loses his lucky fedora feather and races through Edge City to get it—all the while trying to avoid Kellaway and Doyle and a string of eccentric characters, including Mayor Tilton's vengeful ex-girlfriend, a performance artist, an eagle, and Walter.
4 The Good, the Bad and the Fish Guy Putty Thing and Fish Guy return, but with Fish Guy having acquired the Mask, Stanley must convince Putty Thing to work with him before the whole city is destroyed.
5 Malled When Lonnie the Shark and his men rob a bank at the new mega-mall with Stanley caught in the crossfire, Milo must bring the Mask to Stanley.
6 Channel Surfin The Mask ends up shifting through various television channels after being trapped inside the TV by a supervillain named Channel Surfer.
7 Mask au Gratin Stanley is hired to show Mrs. Peenman's niece Jennifer around Edge City during her visit there—and discovers that Mrs. Peenman's niece has an old amulet which transforms her by the moonlight turning into a monster named Gorgonzola who turns anything and everything into cheese.
8 Jurassic Mask A Nuclear-Powered Laser Regenerator invented by Dr. Horace T. Proctor brings three animatronic dinosaurs at Edge City's Museum of Natural History (where a World Conference of Really Smart Scientists) to life. It is up to The Mask to stop the three dinosaurs before they wreck Edge City.
9 You Oughta Be in Pictures Sly Eastenegger, a famous action movie star, and his director choose Edge City to film his latest movie, and challenges The Mask into a competition over who will be the next action movie star. Meanwhile, Peggy discovers a nuclear bomb stolen from the U.S. government that Eastenegger is plotting to use in his latest movie.
10 For All Mask-Kind Stanley is chosen to be the first average man to be sent into space with paranoid astronaut Gil Headstrong and The Mask comes along for the ride.
11 Up the Creek After The Mask steals The Eiffel Tower following his encounter with the Phoney Frenchman and Mrs. Peenman uses the apartment as a tourist attraction, Stanley's friend and co-worker Charlie invites him to a river rafting trip where the two become the unwilling grooms to two hillbilly brides.
12 Boogie with the Man Stanley wishes he was as lucky as The Mask, and meets The Devil (disguised as a man named Bub), who gives Stanley his lucky break—in exchange for his soul.
13 What Goes Around Comes Around Dr. Amelia Chronos returns and puts Stanley (and the Mask) in a time loop where Stanley (and the Mask) are doomed to repeat the same half-hour. To make matters worse, Dr. Amelia Chronos is using the time loop advantage to make clones of herself.
14 All Hail the Mask During a trip to a Pacific island, the Mask encounters a tribe who worship him as a god—and plot to sacrifice him after losing the mask off his face during a spell the Witch Doctor cause on him. Milo better find the mask quickly before Stanley is dropped in a volcanco.
15 Power of Suggestion Stanley gets hypnotized by a magician during Edge City's Fluff Ball, but Kablamus crashes the party just before the hypnotist can reverse the spell, giving Kablamus the perfect opportunity to use Stanley (and the Mask) as his personal slave during the Fluff Parade to get back at Mayor Tilton for not choosing him as the grand marshall.
16 Mr. Mask Goes to Washington After saving the President from being crushed by a chunk of an old building, The Mask becomes a Presidential bodyguard yet the President's aide Greenfield doesn't trust him. Greenfield tries to prove to the President that The Mask is dangerous even when he does antics on Plantain Republic's dictator Sammy De Coco enough for him to declare war on the USA.
17 Rain of Terror A disrespected weatherman named Fritz Drizzle becomes a supervillain named The Tempest, who attacks the city with the elements—and interrupts the Mask's night out.
18 The Mother of All Hoods After being humiliated by The Mask on a police reality show, Lieutenant Kellaway tries to prove to the Edge City police force (and his visiting mother) that he is a competent police detective by going on a stakeout to uncover plans of The Hood to have Mayor Tilton kidnapped.
19 To Bee or Not to Bee A beekeeper gets transformed into a half-bee/half-human creature called the Stinger. Stinger then hypnotizes the town into working in his beehive.
20 Love Potion No. 8 ½ After stopping the disgruntled Chef Luigi at a restaurant as the Mask, Stanley buys a love potion from the gypsy Madam Suspiria (who wants the Mask after learning that it was a part of her family's magic). He accidentally spills it on his curmudgeonly landlady, Mrs. Peenman—resulting in Stanley (and the Mask) falling in love with her. Now Stanley must find a way to break the love spell and keep Madam Suspira from taking revenge on the carnival owner that threatened to fire her.
21 Cool Hand Mask The Mask is framed by Pretorius for stealing fund raising money from an Orphan Little League team and gets sent to prison. With The Mask incarcerated, Pretorius finally puts his evil plans to rule Edge City to use by tampering with Edge City's electrical devices.
22 Broadway Malady Sir Andrew Bedwetter, a famous Broadway musical director, creates a musical based on the "Mad Monkey" line of action movies, enraging The Mask. Ipkiss reducing the show's budget and the Mask making a crash appearance at the opening night (which proves to be a success) drives the director to insanity enough to use past enemies of The Mask (namely Channel Surfer, the Terrible Two, Walter, Kablamus, and Phoney Frenchman) as stars and go on a rampage on a giant animatronic monkey.
23 Enquiring Masks Want to Know Stanley works as a photographer for Peggy Brandt after her own photographer leaves following The Mask's fight with the Terrible Two. Meanwhile, Skillit unleashes his "toys" (a gang of mythical creatures) on Edge City. Peggy sees this as an opportunity to further her career.
24 Future Mask The Mask travels into the future to find the robot who ripped his pants, but soon becomes involved in a war between a megalomaniacal future mayor named Government Guy and a team of rebels over the Mask.
25 Sealed Fate Stanley is forced to sell Putterware to pay off a bill (run up by his alter ego, The Mask), but Peggy learns that the Putterware Company run by Celia N. Airtight is bringing the disgusting leftovers to life.
26 (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Green Mask The Mask and Lieutenant Kellaway die in an explosion caused by a bomb made by The Phony Frenchman and now face a council of angels who go over past events to see which one of them will get into Heaven. But when Kellaway unmasked The Mask and reveals once and for all that The Mask is Stanley Ipkiss, the angel council also reveals a horrible secret about themselves as well when it turns out that they are actually Dr. Amelia Chronos and her time clones in disguise in a plot to obtain the Mask's power.
27 Mutiny of the Bounty Hunters Stanley is once again called upon to babysit his neighbor's baby boy, who runs away in pursuit of the neighbor's pet bird. Meanwhile, Pretorious hires two bounty hunters named Tex Clobber and Baxter Simon to help him capture The Mask.
28 Convention of Evil In this clip show episode, Pretorius, Gorgonzola, Lonnie the Shark and Pete, "Bub," The Tempest, and The Stinger discuss the many times The Mask has thwarted their heinous plans during a group therapy session held by Dr. Neumann.
29 The Green Marine The Mask ends up in a court martial for his unorthodox actions while serving in the Marines. The Mask recounts to the day when he accidentally signed up to join the marines to the point where he had to guard the X-AW Battleship from Lonnie the Shark.
30 Counterfeit Mask Stanley is accused of counterfeiting money after picking up the luggage of the mysterious Selina Swint at the airport. Meanwhile, Peggy wears The Mask and fulfills her dream of being glamorous.

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